How to Find your Perfect Agency Match

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A few things to consider when choosing an agency to represent you.


What to look for in a recruitment agency

There are so many recruitment agencies out there it can be difficult to know who to trust with your career. Most recruitment agencies sell themselves to employers (companies), so it’s difficult to see their value to you as a job-seeker in all their marketing speak.


However, this is key to choosing the right recruitment agency: Zimbabwe has a skills shortage and finding and securing top talent is fast becoming the business differentiator that sets good recruitment agencies above the rest. Identifying high quality candidates is imperative in being able to deliver on the promises recruitment agencies make to their clients, so if your experience with a recruitment agency leaves you feeling disrespected, undervalued and more like a commodity than a person, then move on.


What to look for in a recruitment agency:

  • Experience – Look for a recruitment agency with a track record. This industry is known for its fly-by-night agencies, so ensuring that the recruitment agency has traction in the industry, has a good brand name and ideally has      specialised experience in your chosen field is vital.
  •  Client base – The larger and more impressive the client base the more jobs they will be recruiting for. If you are targeting a specific company, call their HR department and ask which recruitment agencies they utilise then ensure you get added to their   database.
  •  Communication and feedback – The number one candidate complaint about recruitment agencies is their lack of      communication and feedback. Ask the recruitment agency early in the registration process, what their communication policy is.


  • Legal compliance and affiliations –Recruitment agencies have to adhere to legal guidelines in the recruitment process and no recruitment agency is allowed to charge candidates for a job application or their services.


“Quality recruitment agencies will align themselves with professional industry bodies that audit them and require them to comply with quality standards. All good recruitment agencies should be registered with the Ministry of Labour, and no reputable organisation will ever ask you to pay for their services or deduct fees from your salary for such services. Ask for details on these professional affiliations and associations.