Ethics & Integrity whilst job hunting!

We have noticed that in the last few months, there seem to be a complete lack of ethics and integrity, especially during job hunting.

In a small business world, the importance of business ethics and integrity is essential both on the side of businesses and individuals. We all know the expression that word travels fast, and in Africa it is like a bush fire, one unethical act is suddenly known by everyone and can damage reputations for life.

Due to this we ask all candidates to value ethics and integrity during the whole process and that common courtesies should be considered.

  1. Firstly, be accurate in the roles you apply for – if you are a Financial Graduate, do not apply for a Finance Director role – you will not be considered, and your application will be not be taken seriously. This takes away from the fact that you may a serious job hunter, and also begs the question of have you even taken time to read the job description. So please be realistic and on the Recruitment Matters website if you are unable to answer yes to the three questions at the bottom of the job description you are unlikely to be considered, these are requirements from our clients and are not flexible areas. Please use your ethics here and do not tick yes to things you can not do, or degrees you do not have.
  1. If you are successful in securing an interview, we will confirm the interview with you on three separate occasions. If at any stage you are unable to attend, please have the courtesy to advise us. If you do not advise us, and we receive a call from the client advising you were a no-show, we will be extremely disappointed as we have put our reputation on the line on your behalf. We will now advise, should this happen on more than two occasions it will become unlikely we will be able to assist you going forward.
  1. If you have received the offer, go to resign and are counter-offered by your current employer, ask yourself why are they doing this. On most occasions it is because the employer does not want to have to go to the trouble of going through a recruitment process and training up someone new, but put yourself in their shoes. If you were the employer, would you trust someone to be 100% committed to you now you know that they are open to other opportunities and wanted to leave? Career growth and further salary increases following a counter-offer are usually off the table.
  1. If you decide to take a job and sign the contract, please note you are signing a legally binding document. This seems to be forgotten and on several occasions recently we have seen candidates signing contracts and then not turning up for work with the new employer. This is absolutely NOT acceptable, and please note that should you follow this path we will not be able to assist you in the future. If you are unsure about a new role – DO NOT sign the contract and be honest from the start if you have concerns. We are here to help you, the candidate, make the right decision, if you do not want to accept a position we will understand, but can only help if you are honest with yourself.

We know currently finding a new position is difficult, however acting with ethics and integrity is the most important thing you can do to help yourself.