Failing at Interviews?

Are you securing interviews but failing to be offered the job? Ensure that when you go to an interview you do the work, turning up is most definitely not enough, especially in such a competitive environment that we have in Zimbabwe at the moment.

Before you attend the interview – do your research –
– Ensure that you know about the company, if you are asked at interview – What do you know about our organisation?, you need to have a relatively detailed answer. The less you know, the less likely potential employers are to take your application seriously.
– Find out about dress code, if it is a corporate organisation, being very smart is key. If it is a more casual organisation, over-dressing can sometimes be a failure as the employer may wonder if you would be the right ‘fit’ for the organisation.
– Prepare questions before you go. A typical interview question is  – Do you have any questions? Saying No shows a lack of preparation.
 – Do you know were you are going? Have you checked directions and thought about how long it will take you to get to the interview location? Make sure you do. Being too early, is almost as bad as being late, you need to arrive 5 – 10 minutes before your interview time. If you are going to be late, immediately call the employer or agent who has arranged your interview and advise them – this is a common courtesy which must be done.
Once the interview has commenced –
– Pay attention – Listening is key, this will help you to ask any relevant questions and for you to ensure that this is the right career move for you. This is not just a chance for a prospective employer to interview you, but for you to interview them and the business – take this opportunity.
– Show eagerness but NOT desperation. We do understand that for some people the situation is desperate and you need a job to survive, but do not make the interview uncomfortable for your interviewer. Do NOT discuss personal or financial difficulties, or beg for any position which may fit your skills. I am aware this is a sensitive subject and especially when times are tough and markets are tight, but believe in yourself and the skills you have to offer. Your confidence in your ability, skills and experience is what an employer is looking for, so make this shine through.
If you would like any guidance we do provide interview training for a small charge, so please do contact us for more information.

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